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Our Farm

Devil Duck Farms is a free range duck farm where you can find our ducks folicking in the 5-acre lake, foraging in the woods, or waddling around our 63-acre property.

Our feathered friends enjoy a half-acre aerated pond full of koi, goldfish, bass, catfish, and other various types of fish.  They are often visited by wild ducks such as wood ducks, mallards, and buffleheads.

We have a blue heron or two that stop by every now then, some Canada geese that drop in occasionally, and of course some hawk varieties and other birds of prey that like to sit in the trees above our pond and swoop down and pluck our koi and goldfish out of the water and carry them away!

Our pond has several painted turtles that lay eggs throughout our yard.  

Our ducks have their own 12' x 16' enclosed shed furnished with electricity and ventilation dubbed the "Quack Shack" for their protection from nocturnal predators, complete with a custom built ramp for easy access in all weather, year round.

Our Farm: Our Farm
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